The “Mystic Moon” Necklace

“Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae”


The Mystic Moon with a Hamsa pendant


The Mystic Moon with a Grey Agate pendant

The “Mystic Moonstone” is a pure Moonstoner’s delight! It captures the shimmering beauty of Moonstone ranging through a myriad mystical shades – milky white, pearl white, peach, amber, pastel grey, deep grey and so on…

Moonstone is a stone of the mind and the heart, and one of the feminine. Metaphysically therefore it is no wonder, it rules dreams and passions, desire and imagination, fertility and creation! At the emotional and physical levels, Moonstone  balances emotional disturbances, relives stress, aids fertility, conception, childbirth, balances hormonal disturbances and calms the mind….

The necklace gracefully exhibits the lovely gradients of this magical stone. Pretty heart- shaped button moonstones in contrasting shades, bring relief to the petite pearl-white rounded beads, patterned with dainty silver floral spacers.

The centrepiece is a set of  pearl-white  Moonstone hearts, coupled with the Divine Hand, (also known as the ‘Hamsa’ charm), that augurs good luck…. For those wish a more luxuriant feel, the necklace is also available with a pendant variant of a drop of milky grey agate…


Potent with pure lunar energy, Moonstone is an unfaltering, faithful companion of the feminine, all through her life’s journey…

The “Mystic Moonstone” therefore, is definitely a  necklace made for the Goddess in you!

Dimensions – 6 mm & 10 mm round beads, 9 mm hearts, 20 inches long


Close-up 1


Close-up 2


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