Necklace – “Saagarika”

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Saagarika... – a whiff of the ocean!

“Saagarika”, means ‘one born of the Ocean’.

Characterizing the dynamism of the oceanic waters, “Saagarika”,showcases  a form of symbiotic love between the ocean and everything it connects to.

The ocean reflects the sky. It is true, transparent, clear. A true-blue accentuation of the spirit of“Saagarika”, would be a  proud display of the versatile moods of the ocean waters, spanning a gamut of shades…. A clear sunny afternoon sky on clean sands, creates waves of a pure sheen of turquoise…  A deep dark cloudless star-lit night sky, generates a star-spangled shimmering azure waters….

It is these precious waters that nurture the precious life of the ocean. And one such ocean-born, is the precious gem, Coral!

Just like the sky and the sea, Turquoise, Azurite, Blue Emperor beads, and Coral amalgamate, into a soft, cheerful flow of magic, in “Saagarika”,

With bright, soft, deep shades of blue studded with precious red, and a distinctive turquoise blue Jaipuri pendant, “Saagarika”, brings in a wave of fresh peace and tranquility….

Red gemstones correspond to the Mooladhara, or the root chakra.

Blue gemstones correspond to the Vishuddhi, or the throat chakra.

Dimensions – 6mm, 8 mm & 10 mm beads, 22 inches long


the flow…


the Jaipuri pendant


Turquoise & Azurite – close-up


the charm…


the centrepiece


the pendant close-up


close-up 1


the necklace….