Necklace – “Chandraghanta”

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Day 3 – Goddess – Chandraghanta – Manipura Chakra (Solar Plexus) Chakra

– (the auspicious One adorned by a crescent moon)

This necklace is made of :
Moonstone, Red Onyx, Yellow Jade, Dark Green Aventurine, Black Obsidian, Tiger’s Eye and White Agate.


Necklace – “Maangalya”

“Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae”


“Maangalya” – Auspiciousness…

“Maangalya” is a blessing…. The combination of stones used here resonate with sacred vibrations….

With a traditional and classic combination of colours,  “Maangalya” shimmers in loveliness, in the shades of the Pale Green Aventurines, Dark Green Aventurines, Green Onyx, Red Onyx and Rainbow Moonstones!

A combination of Green and Red stones is not just visibly imposing, but a well-balanced one in terms of energy. The Red stones capture and root the harmony, serenity, vigour and prosperity that flow from the Green stones, and fortify it with a solidarity and stability, that red stones characterize. The Translucent Moonstones, (stones of mental stability), with their soft sheen, offer a subdued balance to the bright reds and the prominent greens. The beautiful flow of the necklace culminates in a glorious pendant that highlights the the reigning Deity of the Mooladhara chakra – Lord Ganesha!

This simple yet cherished design, with burnished gold floral spacers, has an attractive centrepiece with a pair of bright gold round florals, that showcase a bright beautiful gold pendant.

The colours Red, Green, and Lord Ganesha, all hold a very sanctimonious place in the heart of Hinduism. And therefore, this necklace, that makes a definite promise of everything auspicious, goes by the name, “Maangalya”.

Red gemstones correspond to the Mooladhara, or the root chakra.

Green gemstones correspond to the Anahata, or the heart chakra.

White or Translucent gemstones correspond to the Sahasrara, or the crown chakra.

Dimensions – 8 mm & 10 mm beads, 26 inches long


aventurines, onyx, and moonstone


Lord Ganesha!


a sacred flow…


close-up 1


close-up 2


a resplendant pendant!



The “Mystic Moon” Necklace

“Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae”


The Mystic Moon with a Hamsa pendant


The Mystic Moon with a Grey Agate pendant

The “Mystic Moonstone” is a pure Moonstoner’s delight! It captures the shimmering beauty of Moonstone ranging through a myriad mystical shades – milky white, pearl white, peach, amber, pastel grey, deep grey and so on…

Moonstone is a stone of the mind and the heart, and one of the feminine. Metaphysically therefore it is no wonder, it rules dreams and passions, desire and imagination, fertility and creation! At the emotional and physical levels, Moonstone  balances emotional disturbances, relives stress, aids fertility, conception, childbirth, balances hormonal disturbances and calms the mind….

The necklace gracefully exhibits the lovely gradients of this magical stone. Pretty heart- shaped button moonstones in contrasting shades, bring relief to the petite pearl-white rounded beads, patterned with dainty silver floral spacers.

The centrepiece is a set of  pearl-white  Moonstone hearts, coupled with the Divine Hand, (also known as the ‘Hamsa’ charm), that augurs good luck…. For those wish a more luxuriant feel, the necklace is also available with a pendant variant of a drop of milky grey agate…


Potent with pure lunar energy, Moonstone is an unfaltering, faithful companion of the feminine, all through her life’s journey…

The “Mystic Moonstone” therefore, is definitely a  necklace made for the Goddess in you!

Dimensions – 6 mm & 10 mm round beads, 9 mm hearts, 20 inches long


Close-up 1


Close-up 2


Close-up 3


Close-up 4


Close-up 5


Close-up 6

The “Rose” Necklace

“Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae”


The ‘Rose’

This is ‘Rose’, made of Brazilian Rose Quartz, Red Carnelian, Moss Agate, Indian Agate and Moonstone. A perfect Heart Chakra necklace, ‘Rose’ sends out love, peace and harmony!

‘Rose’ represents the soft pink petals of the delicate ‘Rose-Quartz’, and the cool green ‘Agate’ leaves…

The pink and the green pattern follows the petal and leaf pattern, interspersed with a drop of red and white dewdrops in the fluid red Carnelians as spacers, and the milky white pair of Moonstones in the centrepiece…

A pair of ornate silver filigrees embrace ‘Love’ – an exquisite deep red pendant, as a symbol of a red ‘Rose’!

This is a soft, simple and charming necklace that brings love and joy to the heart!

Pink and Green gemstones are associated with the Anahata, or the heart chakra.

Dimensions – 8 mm beads, 18 inches long




Moss Agate, Indian Agate, Carnelian, Rose Quartz