How “VSesha” began…

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


It was March 2014. As if by Providence, I was rushed into a series of Reiki attunements. After being initiated into Reiki, and some interested research on different kinds of crystals and gemstones, I was tempted to buy some for myself. Over the months, I did have a collection of semiprecious beads from a handful of bracelets I had purchased online.

Although I did gain some knowledge about their healing properties, I still wasn’t too sure about that. I adored my bracelets, and religiously wore them for the most part, for their beautiful feel, until I sensed, my happy times were quickly passing…

My coming years were gruelling.

June 2014. I lost my a loved one.

March 2015. I lost my dog.

June 2015. I lost my mother to cancer.

September 2015. I lost a loved one.

My 11 year old son, suffered difficult health issues.

I was so badly hit, to the point that I couldn’t stand up to face all this!

I slipped into a major, long-term clinical depression. My health deteriorated. I did not want to live like that. I did my bit of self-healing everyday…

One day my dear husband handed me my bracelets and reminded me that I needed to pull myself up again for my own sake!

I wore my bracelets again. It was from then on did I realize that “Time could indeed heal, through its passing….” I started to notice that I was often able to raise myself from sinking feelings. I was able to feel a little better.

In retrospect, I remember I had 3 constant companions – citrine, pyrite and crazy lace agate.

When I wore citrine, I felt ‘a light at the end of the tunnel’, or ‘a ray of sunshine’.

When I wore ‘golden pyrite’, I felt a strong comforting stability throughout the day.

When I wore ‘crazy lace agate’ I felt I could smile!

These 3 beautiful gemstones led me back into the mystical experience of their own harmonious presence. It was then that I started to admire my crystals more for their steadfast solidarity, than the ‘look and feel’ factor! As I believed in them more, I could feel their vibrations stronger. I felt a sense of stability and security, all through my difficult times. That I felt was indeed Divine Grace!

Soon I grew better and stronger, emotionally and physically. Thanks to all my dear crystals.

January 2017. I went back to my bracelets. I felt I needed to give them due respect. The beads were a little dull and plain looking. It felt okay with me to have them as they were. Upon a little more thought, I felt they could be beautifed. A little beautification wouldn’t hurt! So I took them to the jewellers to make some fancy necklaces.

Besides the whopping fee I had to pay the jeweller for getting a necklace made, I was in for a major shocking disappointment when the jeweler handed me the piece, (it was an atrocious ratio of 10 spacer beads for 2 gemstone beads!) It looked pathetic! I felt very sad that my stones were not given their due! I ran home and snapped open the neckalce, and gathered back all the beads into their box.

I felt a little sad, unable to make anything better of my beads. Then, one morning, it struck me, why not try my hands at making my necklace myself?! In a moment of passion, I rushed to the local crafts store to buy some jewellery findings and beading wires. It was good store, and I shopped to my satisfaction.

I had no prior training in jewellery making, nor any knowledge about any of the materials I had bought. I just passioantely wanted to see my first necklace! And so, I just started!

My first necklace was a big hit with myself – my heart and soul! I felt so happy, trying it on! Then I envisioned a beautiful life for all my stones. I could see some hope….

Soon, I took to elaborately reading up, researching, and experimenting with the different kinds of materials, techniques and patterns, before finalizing on a necklace! It was painstaking work, but a very fulfilling, and productive one!

The inspiration behind this venture was the power of these crystals. I wish others could experience, and feel for themselves, what I experienced, in the manner that I benefited.


Gemstones are not just pretty stones.

They have a power and vibration of their own…

Hold one close to yourself, to feel it!


Today I feel proud to leave you with my choicest collection of handcrafted necklaces….

Please enjoy!

Thank You!